Tuesday, August 16, 2016


My recent challenge has been to find more meaning in my work...which is the major reason for starting this blog.~ What am I trying to say to the world through each piece? Hmmm... I know that when I create each piece I do enjoy making it and feel something when I do it. But, now I realize that I have to go deeper and figure out what those feelings and those messages to the world are.

One thing that I have known is that life is complicated. (Duh!) It is hard to figure out. When I think I have it figured out it throws a curve ball at me and I am back to square one.

For me life has never been easy. It has rarely ever been smooth and calm to where I can lay back and enjoy the ride. Although I know that there are people who have had hard lives as well, it has often appeared to me that they were able to ride the waves better and with more strength and resilience...and keep their peace of mind and happiness within reach.

Being challenged this way has made me look at each piece I've done and ask myself...why did I do it? Then, what should I call it?

"Some People Are Crooked" Mixed Media/Digital

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